Followup on Lecouteux’s Traditional Magic Spells — Papers Falling from an Attic Window

I had a nice discussion in the comments with Frater A. P. regarding my review of Lecouteux’s Traditional Magic Spells. He’s been looking over Lecouteux’s translations in the book taken from Dr. Heinrich von Wlislocki’s Volksglaube und Volksbrauch der Siebenbürger Sachsen. What he’s found – and I’ve checked on some of his conclusions – is […]

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Alas, I can only read English. That said however I’ve noticed a pattern in his books on Lapidaries and Talismans that aren’t quiet right, he doesn’t seem to understand how to construct these things nor attempted to ever do so, just translates random snippets and unfortunately some of his works get hyped as “complete”. (I may eventually upload some passages on my Instagram)

This is NOT to say that the works of Claude LeCouteux are worthless, but I find myself telling people over and over that his books on grimoires, talismans and amulets, and lapidaries should only be used as supplements for the fully translated materials that are already available, neo-grimoires, academic books & publications, as well as the occasional online lecture or course, and NEVER as newbie how-to books.

If you know what you’re doing and know these traditions better than he does, that’s great, just don’t give them to a newbie Occultist who doesn’t even have a translated copy of Three Books of Occult Philosophy or the (Latin) Picatrix yet.

More here for references.

Magical Burnout

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The previous articles focused on mental health and magic, but there are things that can drive even a “normal” person mad. A magical burnout is one such way. A burnout happens when you over extend yourself and don’t rest. It may even happen when working with certain types of beings.

A magic burnout is actually a common event when practicing magic, especially in the beginning. A lot of raw energy may not be focused which may completely deplete a practitioner, or make them feel ill.

There are many reasons that a person may become depleted or overextend their energy. I will go over these reasons, and suggest what you can do to prevent a burnout and how to recover from one.

What can cause a burnout? Here are some events that may cause a burnout:

  1. Magical Workings. If you are constantly doing ceremonies. or any type of magic, it depletes…

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