Buyer Beware for those looking for Alternatives to WordPress

There is alas a big business that has buying up MANY other blogging and web hosting sites, and scamming people out of money. The Small Orange incident was unfortunately just one of many.

This is a list of businesses that are owned by the Endurance International Group, plz avoid them at all costs, but if you have the misfortune to have anything hosted by them I strongly recommend alerting your Bank, reporting them, and getting a new Debit and or Credit Card, like many other online scams they will keep charging you if you do not.

The new WordPress Block editor sucks now

If this continues I am moving on to a different service, but it’s hard to find good free alternatives, at least aesthetically.

Blogger seems okay, but it’s ran by Google, I’m not impressed by Wix, SquareSpace has no lower end alternative.

Evernote though does look like a possibility, but I need to be sure anything I sign up with is in it for the long term.