Nazitru and that Kenaz Filan fellow

Kenaz Filan of Polytheism Uncucked is clearly an anti-Semitic Nazi, as well as doxxing and making anti-Semitic attacks on a Jewish woman in the Posts and Replies section of his Gab account for dare giving a Nazi author, Carolyn Emerick, a negative review on Amazon, which was actually pretty tame.

Now I’m not posting here for the sake of “calling out”, I have no interest in dialog with Nazis. My main interests are to bring this incident to light thus shaming him and his supporters, and to ask why certain people in the Neopagan, Occult, and Astrological Communities who are NOT Nazis continue to associate with him, FaceBook especially. While being mutuals on FaceBook is not always necessarily endorsement of political beliefs, it still reflects unspoken tolerance for Fascism and Nazism. You know who you are.

I will write a longer post about this later

The Neopagan Community is full of corrupt leadership enabling sex predators, cult leaders, and sociopaths, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that anyone saying you’re morally or ethically obligated to join a Pagan group is giving people very dangerous advice (I’m looking at you John Halstead).

Secondly, Paganism isn’t Activism, stop conflating the two. Paganism is not a Religion, but a large group of Religions with no agreed upon ethics, morals, philosophies, or political beliefs. If you care about the fate of the world and mankind, look to Activism and the Activist Communities, don’t expect all the members of a highly diverse subculture to agree about anything, politics especially.

Besides, Neopagans are still a minority, no way in hell can you change the world, because that is a matter of the masses uniting together towards common goals regardless of their personal religious inclinations or lack thereof, and not a smattering of fringe religious groups.