A quote from a terrible and overrated novel

Years ago I tried reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and hating it, finding it to be unintentionally pretty creepy-why would a 40 year old man be sending a nearly 15 year old girl lots of weird letters out of nowhere, and why didn’t she tell her parents some stranger she didn’t know was sending her unsolicited mail, demanding that she meet with him secret? SOUNDS LEGIT TO ME.

Recently I searched for critical reviews and they do exist, I just wish more were on blogging accounts than just GoodReads and Amazon. One that was semi-critical I won’t link to but they did quote a part of the book that brings back memories, I always hated it-

Where does the world come from?
She hadn’t the faintest idea. Sophie knew that the world was only a small planet in space. But where did space come from?

So is the author implying that the educational institutions of Norway aren’t teaching their kids science? Like they never discuss the Big Bang, the formation of our Solar System, the history of this rock that we live on? MAYBE Astrophysics needs more Philosophy but you’d think that a character with an Middle Class educated background in a country w/higher and better educational standards than mine would have taken at least a few Science classes and knew how to check out books from a library or something.

And yes, I know, there’s still TONS of unanswered questions about the origins of the Universe, but at least Sophie would have had to have been aware of the origins of our Galaxy and Solar System.

I might order a used copy of it just for the sake of giving it a new hate read.