Speaking of Omicron and other Covid 19 infections

Why in fuck is NORWAC in MeatSpace this time around? You KNOW that the death tolls are climbing while Governments refuse to do lockdowns? NORWAC Leadership, are you trying to murder people, because you know damn well anti Vaxx and Covid 19 denialism is VERY popular in way too many Astrology circles. Sickening!


The BMJ recently published an “exposé” by Paul Thacker alleging patient unblinding, data falsification, and other wrongdoing by a subcontractor. It was a highly biased story embraced by antivaxxers, with a deceptively framed narrative and claims not placed into proper context, leading me to look into the broader question: WTF happened to The BMJ? (Updated…


Christopher O’Malley: Neo-Nazi Resurfaces The Northwest Front — PUGET SOUND ANARCHISTS

reposted from Rose City Antifa Christopher Mark O’Malley, born February 26, 1970, has restarted the notorious neo-Nazi project known as the Northwest Front. The Northwest Front (NWF), also known as the Northwest Territorial Imperative, is an effort to encourage white nationalists to move to the Pacific Northwest to establish a white ethnostate. Using the alias “Doug…

Christopher O’Malley: Neo-Nazi Resurfaces The Northwest Front — PUGET SOUND ANARCHISTS

Announcing UprisingSupport.Org: A New Hub For Supporting Prisoners of the George Floyd Uprising — PUGET SOUND ANARCHISTS

submitted anonymously Check out UprisingSupport here Starting in May 2020 the U.S. was shaken by protests, uprisings, and riots following the police murder of George Floyd. Almost immediately the government moved in to repress those taking the streets against the police and racial violence. More than 350 people were arrested on federal charges while city…

Announcing UprisingSupport.Org: A New Hub For Supporting Prisoners of the George Floyd Uprising — PUGET SOUND ANARCHISTS

Revisiting some old Patheos Pagan threads, and Pagan Community sex pest and fraud revelations

I think anyone paying attention to these controversies still promoting this bullshit idea of ”needing” Pagan and Polytheist ”Unity” and structures and STILL think and or state that Institutions are great, they must benefit in some way from their privileges and or positions in these communities.

In addition, ANYONE claiming to be Anarchist but still promoting Institutions and Hierarchies within Religious communities is lying about being an Anarchist, and I consider anyone who learned about politics from people like Rhyd Wildermuth to be automatically sus.

Does Goldman Sachs Fund the People’s Forum, PSL, Codepink, AIPAC, and Vijay Prashad’s Tricontinental?


Using Cause IQ’s database of non-profit organizations, Twitter users discovered that in 2019 Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund (GSPF; EIN: 31-1774905) funneled over $12 million to the People’s Forum, over $12 million to Vijay Prashad’s think-tank The Tricontinenal LTD (EIN: 82-2882135), $210,000 to Codepink, and $20,000 to AIPAC (the Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees [a pro-Assad lobbying group] not to be confused with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee which has the same acronym).

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A Warning About Socialist Alternative


Text reproduced based on screenshots published by ISO Leaks which noted: “Some of the Seattle Socialist Alternative members referenced in this account are still members and politically active; some left Socialist Alternative, some joined Democratic Socialists of America (DSA); some are currently member of DSA’s Reform and Revolution Caucus.”

content warning: mentions of sexual harassment, age gap relationships, neglect, substance abuse, leftist groups being unhealthy and problematic, grooming

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Rhyd Wildermuth, w/more Transphobia. Again.

The same guy who openly associates with TERFs and other transphobes, was also previously using the T word reffering to black transwomen, now yet more ”Gender Critical bullshit that also was swept under the radar in a recent Gods and Radicals cross post.

Scroll down, note his ramblings about the scientifically discredited Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria hypothesis, read the recent comments on his Substack. He does not belong on the Left, he is actively endangering Trans and Nonbinary people.

We need to talk about E. A. Koetting (and also Michael W. Ford)

Aleph's Heretical Domain

I imagine E. A. Koetting doesn’t need much introduction for anyone who’s ever been involved with or followed the Left Hand Path in any sense. Koetting (whose real name is Matthew Joseph Lawrence) is sort of infamous for his “Become a Living God” brand and his line of books on occult Satanism, and his name is well-known enough to show up in many familiar Left Hand Path occult spaces. But despite his relative popularity, I never liked him or took him seriously. I mean, as titillating as YouTube videos about love spells or sex magick with bondage thumbnails on them must seem, especially now that I’m unfortunately single again, I have never taken any interest in his books, videos, or his web forum. In fact, when I looked him up in the past, it did not take long for me to see that he was in no way the “living…

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New Original Material?

I’ve been thinking of making a Post on What Could Have Been if the leaders and or founders of the Haiku OS project decided to do the sensible thing 20 years ago, and fork from FreeBSD or NetBSD instead of sticking to unnecessary levels of artistic integrity, but if that happens it’ll probably be on my Ko-Fi account instead-and still free.

Ko-Fi though still has flaws, like the lack of Saving posts before publishing, and I am still undecided about what service I should use for blogging instead of WordPress.

Too much comfort and abstraction will kill you

Aleph's Heretical Domain

I know this post is rather spontaneous, and I don’t plan on writing about the Gods and Radicals stuff for too long, or at least unless something major happens, but it seems that Rhyd Wildermuth’s article about anarchism just yesterday received a response on that very same website written by Christopher Scott Thompson, an anarchist and contributing author. The article, titled “We Are What We Always Were: A Response To “What Happened To Anarchism”“, is a sincere challenge to Wildermuth’s arguments against anarchist anti-fascism and I find that it put some real, heartfelt perspective to what Wildermuth strives to complain about, as well exposing his lies.

But, the article itself is not the main subject of this post, though the perspective it provides is a big part of what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is some reflections and perspective that was inspired…

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I regret to inform you all that Rhyd Wildermuth is an ally to bigotry

Aleph's Heretical Domain

Have you ever had that feeling when you encounter someone you really found fascinating, whose work got you thinking about something in a bit of a different way from before, and you start taking influence from them, and then you find out that they’ve made such egregious errors of judgement that it makes you question what you want to do with them, and then you feel kind of lost? That’s what happened regarding Rhyd Wildermuth. I discovered his work a few months ago, in the process of rediscovering Gods and Radicals, itself part of my own process of rediscovering, and re-envisioning, Paganism as a religious world-outlook, onto which Luciferianism as an esoteric outlook can be formatted in my own syncretic way. He inspired some ways of thinking about Paganism or had me thinking of some beliefs I always kind of had in a way that, at that time, I didn’t…

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When Greece is not Ancient: Colonialism, Eurocentrism and Classics

Everyday Orientalism

by Katerina Apokatanidis

cover picture: Temple of Dionysos, Yria, Naxos, Wikipedia

As any survivor of an ancient ‘civilization’ knows, colonialist views on the meaning and interpretation of that ‘civilization’ are still very much alive. European and settler colonies-based scholars (termed Western throughout this post) in the Humanities have often ignored the continuity of a cultural heritage that stretches back to ancient times. Numerous instances from my limited experience in the field come to mind when I think about the Eurocentrism and colonial entanglements within the academic discipline known as Classics.

The most recent of these consisted of having to sit through a talk, which, at the end, compared modern, nation-state geopolitics in Greece with a line from an ancient Greek writer, and found the former lacking compared to the ancient example. The talk was organised by the University of Toronto’s Archaeology Centre. As way of conclusion, the speaker chose to…

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Cancelling Richard Stallman?

Richard Stallman’s creepy emails are not just very obvious Red Flags that apparently so many of you apologists can’t notice, it’s also the fact that Stallman HAS SEXUALLY HARASSED WOMEN FOR DECADES AND GOT AWAY WITH IT.

“Isn’t taking RMS’ autism into account a form of “abelism” by the campaigners?”

Most of the critics of RMS and the Free Software Foundation acknowledge that the vast majority of Autistic people aren’t creeps, and if anything Stallman benefits from Male Privilege as any non-Autistic, ie, he’s gotten away with loads of rotten behaviors for a very long time, with the help of NT men and establishments.

Thirdly I’ll add here it’s insulting as Hell so many of you only pretend to care about Neurodiversity when a man is accused of and or being a creep, support of woman with ASD being harassed by men is never even considered.

Anyhoo, posts like this are why so many who aren’t white cis male are alienated from the Open Source communities, especially when it comes to ones that are associated with the GPL and GNU.


[New to Gemini? Have a look at my Gemini FAQ.]

This article was bi-posted to Gemini and the Web; Gemini version is here: gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/users/kraileth/neunix/2021/cancelling_rms.gmi

If you have any interest in FLOSS (Free and Libre Open-Source Software), you know who Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) is: As the founder of both GNU project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF), he’s quite an icon to many. In 2019, a scandal around deliberate (?) misunderstanding of what he said regarding one detail of the Epstein affair ultimately lead to him stepping down as president of the FSF. Now in March 2021 he returned to the organization’s board of directors. The latter fact was reason enough for quite some people to start a turmoil again, pressing for his second removal with an open letter.

Now personally I don’t like RMS much. I believe in permissive licenses and prefer those over copyleft in general…

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Is Alexander Reid Ross the CEO/dad of antifa?: On contagion, shades of grey, and the three-way fight

A great response to one of the worst Neopagan publications ever made.

Cautiously pessimistic

Dear Leftists: Going on Tucker Carlson Is Not Going to Stop Imperialism -  Pacific Standard

In recent years, there have been a number of controversies on the left over the subject of “red-brown alliances”, those areas where some right-wingers attempt to recruit from, or actively cooperate with, sections of the left.

There have been many people involved in arguing against any such alliances; one of them, Alexander Reid Ross, has now gone on to working for a centrist “anti-extremist” think tank linked to various US state figures. To be clear, anyone working for the Network Contagion Research Institute has definitely crossed a line; whatever “our side” is, Ross has definitely ceased to be on it. Some of those who Ross has criticised in the past, notably Max Blumenthal, the Assadist and frequent Tucker Carlson guest, have seized on this development as a way to attempt to discredit everything he’s ever written and all the positions that he’s been aligned with.

This argument…

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