Magical Burnout

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The previous articles focused on mental health and magic, but there are things that can drive even a “normal” person mad. A magical burnout is one such way. A burnout happens when you over extend yourself and don’t rest. It may even happen when working with certain types of beings.

A magic burnout is actually a common event when practicing magic, especially in the beginning. A lot of raw energy may not be focused which may completely deplete a practitioner, or make them feel ill.

There are many reasons that a person may become depleted or overextend their energy. I will go over these reasons, and suggest what you can do to prevent a burnout and how to recover from one.

What can cause a burnout? Here are some events that may cause a burnout:

  1. Magical Workings. If you are constantly doing ceremonies. or any type of magic, it depletes…

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