Why Hindutva Loves to hate Ashoka the Great — KAFILA – COLLECTIVE EXPLORATIONS SINCE 2006

Ashokan lions adorn Indian currency and the Dharmachakra features in the tricolour. Neither symbol has any sanctity for the ideologues of the ruling dispensation. Thousands of kings and emperors shone for a brief moment in history, then quickly disappeared. But in ‘The Outline of History: The Whole Story of Man’, H.G. Wells writes, “Ashoka shines […]

Why Hindutva Loves to hate Ashoka the Great — KAFILA – COLLECTIVE EXPLORATIONS SINCE 2006

Understanding what disables people — The View from Where I Sit

The definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010 is absolute (and protects an individual from discrimination) if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do general daily activities. The UK’s failure to incorporate the UNCRPD into domestic law, reinforces the regressive medical…

Understanding what disables people — The View from Where I Sit

Not all of us Disabled people agree with every aspect of the Social Model, and if anything I think it helps enables Scientology levels of denialism about the existence of disorders like ADHD and how psychmeds are a conspiracy in a few too many Leftist circles these days, because it ignores the fact that physical afflictions are real, and we don’t have all the science and engineering to help everyone cope perfectly 24/7/365 yet.

The Social Model, or at least the denialist aspects disregards the realities of the history and evolution of Science, Medicine, & Engineering.

Go look at accounts like WokeScientist (aka Dr Ayesha Khan)spreading this toxic pseudoscientific bullshit on IG, this is NOT the advocacy I need, much less the downplaying of how Disability affects people even when accommodated. I refuse to accept Solipsistic models just because its popular these days, my rights shouldn’t have to depend on it.

96/ The Arab Spring Diaspora Against Transnational Repression (With Dana Moss) —

This is a conversation with Dana Moss, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame and the author of the book “The Arab Spring Abroad: Diaspora Activism against Authoritarian Regimes.” Topics Discussed: How Yemeni, Libyan and Syrian diasporas in the US and UK reacted to the Arab Spring Risks of protesting in the […]

96/ The Arab Spring Diaspora Against Transnational Repression (With Dana Moss) —

Ukraine: Time for International Anti-War Solidarity — FightBack

from Socialny Rukh (Social Movement), Ukraine: rev.org.ua The Kremlin has pulled the Russian army to the Ukrainian borders and is threatening to intervene if the US, NATO, and Ukraine do not fulfill their demands. We, the Ukrainian socialists, call on the international left to condemn the imperialist policies of the Russian government and to show […]

Ukraine: Time for International Anti-War Solidarity — FightBack

Illumos finally has a Podcast!

Friends of Illumos.

It’s about time, but I sincerely hope that the hosts eventually make an episode as to what makes Illumos unique, why despite some limitations of hardware choices that it’s still a great if not better choice, even over the BSD’s due to its strengths, finding independent server & desktop PC businesses happy to install an Illumos distro on bare metal, etc.

Newbies to the server world will also benefit from having lots of technical terms explained, especially Fault Management.

Yet another Draft for a Rant

Speaking of Gare Davis’s anti-Astrology Vendetta on Twitter (they’re known as @/hungrybowtie), lest anyone get the wrong idea, I’m not a Trad Chad Grimoire purist, in fact I now believe Historically Informed Revivalism makes the most realistic sense instead of LARPing like you live in the Pre-Modern Britain or Mediterranean.

But the ignorance and arrogance of people, especially male (or at least male presenting?), in thinking their Modern and ”Chaos” Magic takes are the best and most accurate and how we all should be sharing the same cosmological world view is amazing, this kind of attitude has turned me off of Thelemites and a lesser extent Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn enthusiasts in the past.

If Davis was just some random idiot online I wouldn’t care, but since they are involved in Cool Zone Media, iHeartRadio/iHeartMedia podcasts I worry yet again about their influence of what Occultists do and what we ”believe” much less should to the General Public, especially since things like Astrology are deeply interwoven into Ancient to pre-Modern Magic, and that many practitioners of say, Three Books on Life and the Latin Picatrix have a Spirit Model view of Magicking, NOT Psychological.

And from what I recall of older episodes of Behind the Bastards, it is clear that the hosts and those behind its production are very ignorant about such subject matters and are very out of their league here. This is especially bad since the study of Ancient Magic and Astrology are now subfields, and research works and translated materials are far from rare.

If you feel that you must listen to Podcasts made by slimy cliques, just remember no one particular person speaks for all Magic practitioners, especially if they rely on the type of timing techniques that Davis wants people like me to stop engaging in.

Speaking of Covid-19 and Omicron

Its pretty rich seeing Robert Evans on Twitter now despairing about the fate of students being exposed to Covid, especially after making an episode of It Can Happen Here where he and Gare Davis clearly believed in the right of reporters to simply march up unmasked into Activist faces spreading the Delta variant.

Fuck your crocodile tears Evans, you only object to super spreaders when you think it inconveniences you, and in fact Activists including Anti Fascists do get harassed if not murdered when they get photographed and their identities exposed, stop being a selfish piece of shit.

Also since it seems that Gare Davis is into Magic, I will say as a practitioner they do not speak for me, they are clearly very ignorant of the importance of Astrology in the history of Magic (since like, the Bronze Age) much less Grimoire Magic & Greek Papyri, and those who don’t have a problem with people being invasive and endangering Activist lives aren’t comrades anyway.

This episode of Some More News Podcast sucks, and Flint Wainess is a fucking idiot

Insurrection: The Recollection, Omicron, and Even More News

Actually Flint Wainess, if you PAID attention to whats happening to kids the past two years, children ARE in fact getting Covid 19, and the effects of Long Covid can be pretty devastating even if they are not dying from it.

Characterizing a friend of yours, a mother, of being hysterical because her kid is too young to even be vaccinated for dare being worried about the safety of her kid is disgusting, and if anything is pretty misogynistic.

Worse, all of you are ignoring organizing efforts including walk outs by students and staff to have safer classrooms and remote learning because none of them want to die or suffer from long term illness. Instead you’re portraying it as those directly affected by it lack agency.

The US Educational and Healthcare systems are on the brink of collapse due to how the current administration choose to and to not slow down this Plague, and the lack of acknowledgement of this reality makes it an awful episode all around.

On the Command Line Heroes Podcast

So awhile back I listened to the first few episodes, and felt disgusted by it, in that the history of Linux, UNIX, and the OS Wars were painfully over simplified to the point they get facts wrong, and Microsoft gets white washed.

It’s hard for me to believe this wasn’t deliberate, its not like Red Hat or IBM are too low on money to create a show that can actually factually inform listeners. Indeed, there’s plenty of good Vloggers on YouTube that love to discuss Technology, especially Computer History in detail, plus Channels featuring shows and promotional videos about technology that are no longer being aired.

Anyway, I’ll try to get around to listening to the offending episodes that made my blood boil again so I can complain in more detail, but just remember, if you want to listen to it don’t take it at face value as a real history, its propaganda.

Emulation and WINE Apps aren’t a threat to Indie Open Source OS Platforms, a draft like everything else recently

There’s a bit of arrogance, I believe, among the Elementary OS Team, but, TO BE FAIR HERE, this misconception is shared with a few too many others in the Open Source Desktop communities.

So here’s the thing, that lots of people including those with Liberal and Progressive leanings forget when discussing trying to make Operating Systems for Desktops successful that aren’t backed by Trillion dollar companies-

Microsoft and Apple HAVE economic and political power. Canonical and nearly every other wannabe out there do not. ie, Capitalism rewards evil monopolies. You don’t have power in this system, and most big name software businesses don’t have to care about your favorite 3rd option OS Alternative.

You can’t just state that Windows doesn’t need Mac apps as though that somehow is a useful or meaningful insight about why Linux, BSD, or Haiku supposedly doesn’t need WINE, because Windows simply has the most Apps, period, especially professional and prosumer Desktop Apps now, and even if MS dies suddenly there will be legacy support needed for hundreds of millions if not billions of users for decades to come. And no amount of arms twisting will force developers to suddenly make the games and software for the OS you want.

Apple though? Mac users have a history of buying and using Windows emulation software long before Mac OS X debuted, so of course the advent of WINE for Linux and UNIX was like a godsend as well, indeed there ARE businesses selling versions of WINE/Wine Is Not An Emulator for Mac and Linux users WILLING TO PAY UP.

Why on earth would this be any different for Linux or FreeBSD much less Haiku OS? Certainly the state of Gaming for Linux wouldn’t be close to what it is today without WINE’s help, along with a great many emulators for retrogaming.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for the ability to Dual boot and or have WINE or Windows emulation software, non Windows OS’s are simply NOT an option for MANY.

So like, I don’t want to be a dick about it, but leaders of a project with what is at least as far as I’m concerned a failed business model in terms of their version of an App Store that isn’t even breaking even really don’t have the right to comment about what real end user needs are, much less if the ability to run some Windows apps and games are a good idea or not by this point, because its clear they’ve all been wrong all along in the first place.

ETA: Okay, I was wrong regarding an aspect of Gaming on Linux and elsewhere, that being the rise of Proton, and its current importance to Steam. That said, the dismissiveness of co-founders of eOS can just as easily applied to that too, and WINE still has a history which is still evolving regarding Gaming and Apps for Linux and other OS’s.

Elementary OS’s AppCenter

Tech Journalism is dead, because almost no one is willing to be honest about how awful the selection is, and that the real money in Software doesn’t come from people afraid to use Computers to the point they’ll only use Apps with very few functions, but professionals whose jobs and creative output depend on the Software they use.

As shocking as it might sound to some people, proprietary software, even ones costing up to thousands of dollars, is still sold and marketed to Workstation users including using Linux users for multimedia development, including CGI.

I’d call this an Emperor without clothing situation, but there’s not much in the way of power or resources to contend with here.

Speaking of Haiku OS and BeOS

This Twitter thread started by Thomas Howlerda ticked me off, so other than agreeing with the developers of the Haiku OS who’ve been at for practically two decades raised very important counterpoints which are certainly true and correct, I’ll add something too:

By the time BeOS was available for x86, if you ignored the hype peddled by fanboys like Scot Hacker, Linux and a lesser extent FreeBSD had several times more native Desktop Applications than BeOS already, Free and NetBSD were already supporting Linux apps, and WINE was increasingly becoming important in terms of Linux’s desktop relevancy. Indeed, Linux was becoming far more relevant for Workstation usage in the professional realm while BeOS had very limited hardware compatibility in comparison (and its not like Linux was free of problems in that arena back then, but BeOS’s was many times worse).

Secondly, I don’t think its acknowledged enough that without the backing of VERY rich businesses like Google that are working on Fuchsia, creating legacy free or at least low on legacy OS’s for Desktop Operating Systems much less sustaining them for decades of usage is a huge undertaking without that many developers, so those making Linux and BSD derivatives, while not in itself should be described as “easy” to do, at least have a larger community and a longer history of technological traditions that they can benefit from.

So my point is, if ANY of you feel that strongly about Native Apps for Haiku OS, which I think the low amount of users makes sense given its current limitations, instead of complaining about it-& trust me, almost no one is making money off it outside TuneTracker, while Linux for all its problems definitely has its share of proprietary apps FOR PROFESSIONALS-how about putting effort into learning to program for it and or starting a foundation dedicated to help solving that problem if you feel THAT strongly about it? And don’t expect it to be cheap either, R&D and compensating developers costs money.

So I just see people who aren’t even part of that developer community making unrealistic demands for a VERY niche project while not contributing much in the first place, thus the complainers just comes across as naive, entitled and selfish.

ETA: While there is currently debate out there about if ANY Linux Desktop distro is ready for prime time after how some things went down on YouTube recently, Linux still ended up edging out SGI and Sun in terms of UNIX workstations for making CGI and other Special Effects in film, and there is a small handful of Linux distros made specifically for multimedia creators and music enthusiasts, like Ubuntu Studio and Audiophile Linux.

What Fantasy World are some of those Haiku OS fans living in?

Sowwy Thom and a few other stans in this thread, but Widespread Desktop adoption is NOT owed to your favorite OS. It must have apps and infrastructure in place, not to mention better security, to justify using as a Daily Driver by most people.

Development costs labor and money, thats why so its popular for many Open Source projects to engage in fundraising, and they don’t have to care about your favorite OS anymore than proprietary software makers do, especially when 3D acceleration is experimental in Haiku at most now, theres a reason why there are more Gamers and Developers use Linux or even FreeBSD as a Desktop alternative to Windows instead.

Regardless of what screeching anti WINE, anti X11 & Wayland people think in these Haiku OS circles, the availability of more Apps in general actually does open doors, because so many of us still depend on proprietary Winblows apps, and it will probably be like that for decades to come, because the average end users life isn’t emotionally dependent on a Desktop OS to succeed with the least realistic expectations possible.

And personally, I think that whats going on now should be just the beginning, real Security measures, Firewalls & VPN’s, OpenZFS, a better GUI that doesn’t make it look like its stuck in the 90’s-00’s, those are also very important factors before it can become a no brainer Daily Driver, and not say, a Hobby OS used only by a statistically small amount of people, instead of those who just want a gaming rig and or with serious Professional ambitions.

Fortune Telling & Divination vs Psychic talents

I won’t be devoting that much time to this rant about misconceptions because its a Draft at most.

There seems to be a misconception among a few too many members of the Neopagan, Occult, and Witchcraft communities about Psychic Talents, that is, this idea that if they were born in Ancient Greece or something that they’d be given a job like the Delphic Oracle because they got premonitions.

That’s not how it works, because theres a difference between knowing the future yourself and having a God speak through you, and often these types of jobs were chosen for you out of you coming from the right noble family or some other factor thats probably elitists, NOT talent.

Not to mention the expectations of how you were expected to live your life, ESPECIALLY the Delphic Oracle, like no fucking men, even if you were married. It was like being a Nun. Religious Celibacy played an important part in pre Christian societies too long before Christianity was a thing.

Divination like Astrology, geomancy, card reading, etc are different matters as well, and no one needs to be psychic to do it much less be talented in these arts.

So my point is, plz research before you claim how great or at least better it was thousands of years ago if you had so and so talents, was ND, etc, the Metaphysical Communities already have enough disinformation going around as it is already. 🙂

ETA: This bullshit is partly why I don’t trust most people claiming to be an oracle of Apollon and whatever unless maybe they’re celibate and practice religious devotion 365, amongst other things. Not everyone is capable of being a Religious specialist no matter how well they can predict the future.

A dinosaur embryo exquisitely preserved — Letters from Gondwana.

The new specimen ‘Baby Yingliang’. Credit: Lida Xing Oviraptorosaurs are a well-defined group of coelurosaurian dinosaurs characterized by short, deep skulls with toothless jaws, pneumatized caudal vertebrae, anteriorly concave pubic shafts, and posteriorly curved ischia. The most basal forms were small, similar to a chicken or a turkey, and like extant birds, they had pennaceous […]

A dinosaur embryo exquisitely preserved — Letters from Gondwana.

Real Name policies

If you’re like me, you watch or read Weird News/Stupid Idiots types of YouTube shows and blogging sites, you will notice, even if you never have been the target of assholes using their Real Name in their Internet Handles before, that people will document stupid things anyway that can land them in jail if not prison.

As in, people used to ”just” try to set fire of their enemy’s or ex’s home or apartment, NOW they upload their antics to Social Media accounts.

Most assholes I have noticed aren’t cowards, they just happen to be very arrogant and don’t think too much about consequences.

Meanwhile, marginalized and oppressed groups are all too often targeted by Assholes who also usually use handles w/Real Names and other easily available contact info, while Social Media businesses ignore harassment.

I’m not even a teacher much less part of a card reading community

But these problems the OP rants about are why I and a fair amount of other Magic users don’t share nearly as much as we used to in way too many social media services these days.

Worse, its unfortunately common for the same types of assholes to start imitating the ”Elitists” they love to hate if not outright plagiarizing content, then have the nerve to complain that no one posts great stuff anymore.