Horror Music Soundtrack without the film

I have forgotten how I discovered this label, but it’s my current favorite for releasing consistently good music.

This YouTube only Horror Ambient Music Mix is appropriately creepy, anyone complaining about feeling unease listening to this is missing the point. Listen to it while writing your horror fiction.

If you like this as a taster, there’s more great music to be haunted by at the Cryo Chamber label’s wonderful BandCamp page.

Jon Horrid, living up to his last name

So it turns out that the Jon Horrid & Lovecraft Bar situation is a bit worse than I originally thought, not only is he a sex predator people kept making excuses for *cough*Geek Social Fallacies*cough* but also has been hosting White Surpremacist events and thievery of equipment.

While I am technically happy he resigned from the Lovecraft Bar, it should be understood that staff and others continue to make apologia for him and has WAY too many parallels with the Seattle Goth and Darkwave scenes.

There will probably always be dangerous predators out there, what’s important is how communities choose to respond, and I don’t see that much in the way of heroes in this situation except for those who spoke out but were ignored.

ETA: A Primer on the situation.