Thought you should know, Bidisha’s Emotional Violence and Social Power has changed URL – Google ‘Bidisha Emotional Violence and Social Power’ for the new one – but there’s a scary new top line saying “details were changed following a terrifying legal threat” – presumably, China Mieville has threatened her with something. Urgh.




thanks for the heads-up, friend. what a charming human that mieville fellow is.

(background for people who didn’t already know, china mieville is a serial abuser, who manages to be a widely-respected author acclaimed for his ‘feminism’ despite writing appallingly misogynist books and, you know, abusing women on the regular. critically-acclaimed books, too, despite the fact that he writes pretentiously, with an overachieving highschooler’s love for summoning the most polysyllabic word for any given situation. i guess it just goes to show that literary critics will fall over themselves to fellate someone who can feed their most violent misogynist impulses while making them feel intelligent and cultured. you wanna read some truly rage-inducing bullshit sometime, look up the interview where he argues that what he did to Lin in Perdido Street Station was somehow feminist. also can we just reiterate that he abuses women, and then…

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On the Three Biblical Magi as Spiritual Allies

The Digital Ambler

So, Christmas has come and gone, but it’s still the Christmas season, more traditionally called Christmastide.  Surely, dear reader, if you’ve grown up in the Anglophone world, you’re familiar with that old carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, yes?  Many non-Catholics or non-traditional Christians think that these are referring to the twelve days leading up to Christmas Day, but it’s actually just the reverse; Christmastide begins at sunset on December 24 and ends at sunset on January 5, the evening before Epiphany, spanning twelve days in the process.  So, even though Christmas was this past Sunday, there’s still so much going on over the next few days:

  • December 25: Christmas
  • December 26: Feast of St. Stephen
  • December 28: Childermass, or Day of the Holy Innocents
  • January 1: Feast of the Circumcision of Christ, Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

All this culminates on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany

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Nazis do not belong in Hellenism

Delphic Maxim 31

Refrain from evil not out of fear, but because it is right.

Μη δια φόβον, αλλά δια το δέον απέχεσθε αμαρτημάτων.

Democritus,470-370 BC,Ancient Greek philosopher

You can’t wear the Sonnenrad, wear fascist symbols, make white pride hand gestures and call yourself a pious Hellenist.

This person is a Nazi. He runs a Hellenic group and calls himself Sannion.

We don’t welcome him here or anywhere. People apologizing for him are also Nazis.

Apparently he believes Dionysos told him to wear the Nazi symbol. I utterly reject and repudiate his view of my god, and his hubris.

Edit: some blog posts have come to light that I feel should be shared in addition to the photos.

What do you think of Judeo-Christian morality?

What are your thoughts on the burka, and Shariah law?

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Filmmaker turns Singer/Songwriter to Challenge Rock Star Roger Waters over ‘bizarre’ attacks on the White Helmets


ronan_tynan_album_cover_002-01 Song OH ROGER! written and performed by RONAN L TYNAN director of the award winning Syria – The Impossible Revolution. Just released the song was provoked by Rock Star Roger Waters being misled by Russian and Assad regime propaganda attacking the White Helmets, heroic first responders, who have saved almost 120,000 lives in Syria.

Song ‘Oh Roger!’ written and performed by RONAN L TYNAN the director of the award winning SYRIA – THE IMPOSSIBLE REVOLUTION just released.


Filmmaker RONAN L TYNAN was shocked to hear rock star ROGER WATERS attack the White Helmets whom he met making the film documentary SYRIA – THE IMPOSSIBLE REVOLUTION, which he directed and co-produced with ANNE DALY. Shocked at the former Pink Floyd frontman’s attacks describing them as ‘dangerous’ and ‘bizarre’ because RONAN claims they are based on no evidence only “conspiracy theories of a very perplexing and absurd nature.”

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Many open source researchers rely on journalists to turn data into a narrative that will then reach a wider audience. Yet journalism today is in a crisis! You can trust me as a person who comes from a traditional journalism background — oh, the sheer amount of horror stories I can tell over whiskey. In…

via How To Tell Stories: A Beginner’s Guide For Open Source Researchers — bellingcat

How To Tell Stories: A Beginner’s Guide For Open Source Researchers — bellingcat

Concerning Channel Awesome


Image result for nostalgia critic elephant in the room

The internet has pioneered the way for modern reviewers in the past decade, and no site has been the Moses leading the charge for others to follow in its footsteps than that of Channel Awesome. Since 2008 the site, headed by Doug Walker, Robert Walker and Mike Michaud has been the inspiration for many online reviewers, including myself at one point in time, to lend their voices on all types of media like movies, comics, video games and television. Many aspired to join the team thinking it was a utopia for reviewers to meet each-other and share their opinions in peace. But on April 2nd, 2018, 40 former contributors of the site came together on Twitter to release an 87 page document entitled “Not So Awesome” (Link Bellow). It went into great details from many eyewitnesses during the early years of the website about the unprofessional abuse the content creators…

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Forgotten women of paleontology: Hildegarde Howard

Letters from Gondwana.

Hildegard Howard with fossil bird from the Rancho La Brea.

The birth of modern science was hostile to women’s participation. The world’s major academies of science were founded in the 17th century: the Royal Society of London (1662), the Paris Académie Royale des Sciences (1666), and the Berlin Akademie der Wissenschaften (1700). Unfortunately, women were not become members of these societies for over 300 years. Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat became the first woman to be elected to the Paris Academy of Science in 1979. Although the Royal Society was less rigid in terms of memberships than the Paris Academy of Science, it was not until 1945 that the first women were admitted as fellows of the Royal Society: the X-ray crystallographer Kathleen Yardley Lonsdale (1903–1971), and biochemist and microbiologist Marjory Stephenson (1885-1948).

Despite the barriers, between 1880 and 1914, some 60 women contributed papers to Royal Society publications. Meanwhile, in the United…

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Women and Pain: A Reading List


“But for pain words are lacking. There should be cries, cracks, fissures, whiteness passing over chintz covers, interference with the sense of time, of space; the sense also of extreme fixity in passing objects; and sounds very remote and then very close; flesh being gashed and blood spurting, a joint suddenly twisted — beneath all of which appears something very important, yet remote, to be just held in solitude.”

–Virginia Woolf, The Waves

In a recent NPR piece, “Invisibilia: For Some Teens With Debilitating Pain, The Treatment Is More Pain,” readers are introduced to Devyn, a 14-year-old who develops intense bodily pain, seemingly out of nowhere. In search of the source of the pain or a cure, Devyn’s mother Sheila takes her to doctor after doctor. Each time, medical professionals tell Devyn, “‘You are healthy. Nothing is wrong,’” until, eight months later, when Sheila finds Dr. Sherry, a…

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Pico della Mirandola on Magic, Astrology and Religion


519FRT7DBWLOn the 24th of February 1463,the Renaissance philosopherGiovanni Pico della Mirandolawas born at Mirandola, near Modena in Italy. In 1486, at the young age of 23, he famously offered to defend 900 theses on religion, philosophy, natural philosophy and magic, in spite of opposition from theologians and Pope Innocent VIII  (the public debate never happened). His theses were supported by his work, Oration on the Dignity of Man, referred to as the ‘Manifesto of the Renaissance’, a crucial work on Renaissance humanism and the ‘Hermetic Reformation’. Hermeticism was a philosophical and religious tradition based on the alleged writings of Hermes Trismegistus, according to which one true theology established by God in antiquity links all systems of thought and belief. It is often seen as the school of thought preceding the establishment of Christianity.

The reason why Pico was unpopular with the clergy is…

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What I Saw on Oprius 10 (You’re Being Lied To)

Free Charles Davis

2179011124_531fbf74baI just got back from this “barbaric alien slave planet” and what I found was shocking: we’re not being told the truth.

Children as young as 14 hours are ripped from their mother’s tentacles and forced to work 37 cycles straight in underground Calbazarite mines until their tiny withered bodies, still bound together by Gregorothian emotion-stabilizing mobilityrays, are shoveled out by the kiloton and tossed in unmarked disposal modules that are fired into the suns. Meanwhile, we’re told, Leader Rahsab’s personal envoy dines at 7-star restaurants, his harem of Alphanian gendermorphs injecting him with the galaxy’s finest proteins while, beneath the soil, his army of Mechatrons blasts away so-called “moderate” resistance caves.

We’ve all heard these stories, just like we all heard the story about Itarkian security forces devouring humanoid offspring as they slept in their interdimensional space-time inhibitors. Only after the New Alliance of Coequal Aliens removed their Supreme…

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Vettius Valens – Anthologies [New Edition of Riley’s Translation]

Beyond The Heaven

With approval from Mr. Riley, I have made new edition of his translation. I have made few changes. First, I removed the references to the Critical Editions and put them in footnotes. Second, I replaced “< >” with “[ ]”. For me, it is much cleaner that way. I also put colorful tables and bookmarks. So this is what is done in this first edition. I hope I will have more time in the future and put charts of all of Valens’ examples and also make few more changes with purpose for more enjoyable reading of this classic book. Enjoy!

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“Regular” Whole Wheat Flour: Approx. 100,000 ppm of gluten Crushed Wheat*: 103,000 ppm of gluten Sourdough Wheat Bread**: 104,000 ppm of gluten Sprouted Wheat Bread***: 72,000 ppm of gluten *At the time of testing, the manufacturer of the crushed wheat product stated the following on their website, “Crushed wheat #1 allows people with gluten intolerance,…

via Bakers, please stop thinking that somehow your wheat product is special and has magical powers that allow folks with celiac disease to safely eat it. They can’t. Full stop. — Gluten Free Watchdog

Bakers, please stop thinking that somehow your wheat product is special and has magical powers that allow folks with celiac disease to safely eat it. They can’t. Full stop. — Gluten Free Watchdog

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Corn Allergy

As someone who can’t eat gluten anymore I see a lot of parallels here.

Corn Allergy Girl

When you google “corn allergy”, the top links you get back seem to convey a picture of corn avoidance that is far less complicated than what I experience, and what the folks in my support groups and who contact me directly through my blog experience. Now, I’m not trying to bum anybody out here, but I am trying to keep everybody safe. Which does seem to bum people out a lot. But hey, I like being alive so I’m not bummed at all to know things that keep me that way.

Here are some of the things I see a lot of the most popular google hits on corn allergy get wrong. I’ve included references where I can, but in a lot of cases research on these kinds of things just haven’t been funded. So for some items all I really have is my own experiences, my own critical thinking…

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A Massacre, Not a Coup: A Response to Misinformation on Nicaragua

“…Those of us on the left should be able to be to adapt to changed realities: none of us wants a return to a right-wing government in Nicaragua, and we should continue to oppose U.S. intervention. But that doesn’t mean we must accept the status quo or the ruthless abuse of power. Our solidarity should be with the Nicaraguan people, who are being killed, not with a political party. Otherwise, this bloodbath can only get worse.”



Guest post by Dr. Mary Ellsberg, a Professor of Global Health and International Studies, and Founding Director of the Global Women’s Institute of the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

For the past 3 months, progressive websites and journals have run articles that paint a picture of the crisis in Nicaragua that is dangerously misleading.  Many of these articles have been circulated among people on the left who were in solidarity with Nicaragua and the FSLN during the 1970s and 1980s but haven’t kept up with what has happened over the last 30 years—particularly since 2007, when Daniel Ortega returned to the Presidency and has been there since. I’d like to take a moment to correct some misconceptions about the current crisis in Nicaragua.

I will first say that I consider myself a Sandinista, as do many of my friends and colleagues who are currently resisting the Ortega/Murillo regime, and…

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‘Last summer, Tim ­Alsiofi saw a lake for the first time in almost 10 years. It was Eid Al Fitr, and Alsiofi and some friends travelled from Idlib into the Aleppan countryside, where they spent the day swimming, playing in the lake and learning to fish. After seven years of war, much of it spent…

via How a Syrian photographer and a rapper are documenting a Syria under siege — News Of The Revolution In Syria

How a Syrian photographer and a rapper are documenting a Syria under siege — News Of The Revolution In Syria

On “International Human Rights Day,” New SOHR Report Unveils the Death of 560,000 People in Syria since March 2011

Notes toward an International Libertarian Eco-Socialism

Assad's Syria

In a new report published for “International Human Rights Day,” December 10th, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced an updated death-toll of 560,000 people in Syria since the beginning of the uprising against Bashar al-Assad in March 2011, which has demanded equality, justice, freedom, and democracy.

Previous estimates of the total losses in Syria had ranged from 360,000-400,000 people.

According to the SOHR, these casualties include the following:

حصيلة-780x405 Courtesy Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Civilian casualties:

111330 Syrians including 20819 children under the age of eighteen and 13084 citizen women over the age of eighteen.

Syrian fighters in the ranks of the rebel and Islamic factions and the Syria Democratic Forces and other factions, movements and organizations: 63561

Defected of the regime forces: 2619

Number of persons who were killed by Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces: 65048

Fighters of NDF and gunmen loyal to the Syrian regime: 50296


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Material evidence of religious violence

honor the gods

I’ve been talking to people recently about what the material evidence of a major change in society looks like. Today, I will briefly discuss the example of the material evidence of the change in religion that occurred in Late Antiquity, when Christianity became the dominant religion in the Roman Empire.

This change was brought about by not just by consensual conversion, but also by coercion and violence. Temples and devotional art were destroyed, houses and towns were ransacked, adherents of traditional religion were persecuted, and the full weight of Imperial law was brought down upon those who resisted.

The material evidence for this religious revolution is like a crime scene. We can see the distinctive marks on statues, reliefs, and inscriptions from repeated blows with blunt or sharp instruments,. Sometimes works of devotional art or dedicatory inscriptions were reduced to fragments, testimony of the perpetrator’s emotional state during the attack…

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