Cancelling Richard Stallman?

Richard Stallman’s creepy emails are not just very obvious Red Flags that apparently so many of you apologists can’t notice, it’s also the fact that Stallman HAS SEXUALLY HARASSED WOMEN FOR DECADES AND GOT AWAY WITH IT.

“Isn’t taking RMS’ autism into account a form of “abelism” by the campaigners?”

Most of the critics of RMS and the Free Software Foundation acknowledge that the vast majority of Autistic people aren’t creeps, and if anything Stallman benefits from Male Privilege as any non-Autistic, ie, he’s gotten away with loads of rotten behaviors for a very long time, with the help of NT men and establishments.

Thirdly I’ll add here it’s insulting as Hell so many of you only pretend to care about Neurodiversity when a man is accused of and or being a creep, support of woman with ASD being harassed by men is never even considered.

Anyhoo, posts like this are why so many who aren’t white cis male are alienated from the Open Source communities, especially when it comes to ones that are associated with the GPL and GNU.


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If you have any interest in FLOSS (Free and Libre Open-Source Software), you know who Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) is: As the founder of both GNU project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF), he’s quite an icon to many. In 2019, a scandal around deliberate (?) misunderstanding of what he said regarding one detail of the Epstein affair ultimately lead to him stepping down as president of the FSF. Now in March 2021 he returned to the organization’s board of directors. The latter fact was reason enough for quite some people to start a turmoil again, pressing for his second removal with an open letter.

Now personally I don’t like RMS much. I believe in permissive licenses and prefer those over copyleft in general…

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