Nazis do not belong in Hellenism

Delphic Maxim 31

Refrain from evil not out of fear, but because it is right.

Μη δια φόβον, αλλά δια το δέον απέχεσθε αμαρτημάτων.

Democritus,470-370 BC,Ancient Greek philosopher

You can’t wear the Sonnenrad, wear fascist symbols, make white pride hand gestures and call yourself a pious Hellenist.

This person is a Nazi. He runs a Hellenic group and calls himself Sannion.

We don’t welcome him here or anywhere. People apologizing for him are also Nazis.

Apparently he believes Dionysos told him to wear the Nazi symbol. I utterly reject and repudiate his view of my god, and his hubris.

Edit: some blog posts have come to light that I feel should be shared in addition to the photos.

What do you think of Judeo-Christian morality?

What are your thoughts on the burka, and Shariah law?

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