Filmmaker turns Singer/Songwriter to Challenge Rock Star Roger Waters over ‘bizarre’ attacks on the White Helmets


ronan_tynan_album_cover_002-01 Song OH ROGER! written and performed by RONAN L TYNAN director of the award winning Syria – The Impossible Revolution. Just released the song was provoked by Rock Star Roger Waters being misled by Russian and Assad regime propaganda attacking the White Helmets, heroic first responders, who have saved almost 120,000 lives in Syria.

Song ‘Oh Roger!’ written and performed by RONAN L TYNAN the director of the award winning SYRIA – THE IMPOSSIBLE REVOLUTION just released.


Filmmaker RONAN L TYNAN was shocked to hear rock star ROGER WATERS attack the White Helmets whom he met making the film documentary SYRIA – THE IMPOSSIBLE REVOLUTION, which he directed and co-produced with ANNE DALY. Shocked at the former Pink Floyd frontman’s attacks describing them as ‘dangerous’ and ‘bizarre’ because RONAN claims they are based on no evidence only “conspiracy theories of a very perplexing and absurd nature.”

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